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The Afrominimalist's guide to living with less, Christine Platt

The Afrominimalist's guide to living with less, Christine Platt
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non fiction
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The Afrominimalist's guide to living with less
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Christine Platt
"Forget the aesthetics of mainstream minimalism and discover a life of authenticity and intention with this practical guide to living with less...your way"--, Provided by publisherWhen Platt set out on her journey to live with less, she just wanted to tame the chaos in her closet. After struggling with the austerity and whiteness of mainstream minimalism, she realized why minimalism often seems unattainable for so many: the emphasis on all-white, barren aesthetics distracts from the practice of living with intention. Here she gets right to the heart of how childhood experiences and expectations manifest in adulthood, the delicate dance between needs and wants, and the complicated weight of familial and societal pressures. Platt presents a radical revisioning of minimalism, one that celebrates the importance of history and heritage, and gives you permission to make space for what really matters-- your way. -- adapted from back cover
Table Of Contents
Welcome to the journey -- Meet your guide: the Afrominimalist -- The principles. Minimalism: an introduction ; Why you have more than you need ; Why it's so hard to let go ; A journey without a destination -- The process. Step one: Acknowledge you have too much ; Step two: Forgive yourself ; Step three: Let go! ; Step four: Pay it forward -- The practice. The power of authenticity ; A lesson in intention ; Less is liberation ; Keep going, keep growing
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