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Rule of thumb, Ebert at the movies, Todd Rendleman

Rule of thumb, Ebert at the movies, Todd Rendleman
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 175-198) and index
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non fiction
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Rule of thumb
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Todd Rendleman
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Ebert at the movies
With a critical eye that mirrors his subject's, Todd Rendleman explores the values, temperament, character, and style that have made Roger Ebert the most trusted and influential film critic in America. Introducing the one critic whom so many moviegoers recognize, argue with, and love, Rule of Thumb illuminates Ebert's critical strengths and blind spots. His sensibilities are further appreciated through comparisons to incisive, provocative colleagues like Pauline Kael and John Simon. While exploring their critical clashes, the author offers fresh assessments of a host of movies, from modern classics like Last Tango in Paris and Blue Velvet, to films that deserve another glance, like Music Box, In Dreams, and Bliss . Few are in a position to write a firsthand memoir of one of the world's great film critics, but Rendleman accomplishes just this, smartly intertwining his own coming-of-age cinematic sensibility with a witty critical analysis of his subject. All told, his achievement is noteworthy: he offers a unique view of a celebrated personality, while revealing himself as a writer of insight and dash
Table Of Contents
Godchild -- Rule of thumb -- Close to Ebert -- The total effect -- Lit crit -- And I still can see Blue Velvet, through my tears -- Cross references -- Turned on -- Misfires -- I ain't a pretty boy no more -- Epilogue: Heroes
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