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Three dads and a baby, adventures in modern parenting, Ian Jenkins, MD

Three dads and a baby, adventures in modern parenting, Ian Jenkins, MD
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non fiction
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Three dads and a baby
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Ian Jenkins, MD
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adventures in modern parenting
"Join Ian and his partners, Alan and Jeremy, as they embark on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes tearful quest to become parents. They run the gauntlet: IVF failures, the threat of Zika virus, the urgent hunt for a new doctor, pregnancy-threatening bleeds, costly legal battles, and a reluctant superior court judge. Ultimately the grace of women allows them to complete their family with one perfect girl, and become the first polyamorous family ever named as the legal parents of a child"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Neonatal Life Destruction Syndrome -- The offer -- Sixteen, beer, pickup truck -- The oven -- Why three? -- Negotiations -- Are the kids alright? -- Implantation -- Mom wanted -- Hell. With lawyers. -- Regrouping. With lawyers -- Three men and a legal landscape -- Choice and fate -- Ian and Alan -- Zika -- The chapter on masturbation -- The fuckery of Dr. Collins -- Escape to Blumberg -- The swimmers -- The Meggs -- Making babies -- The blueberry convergence -- Our scandalous poly lifestyle -- Come out poly -- Blood -- What's in a name? -- Leave -- Dread precedent -- A few good men -- The colander -- The shower -- The nursery -- Breech -- The fuckery of Dr. Collins, part deux -- The racket -- Emergency -- Glamping -- The push -- NICU -- Home -- The milk angel -- Piper's diapers: meditations on poop and Disney -- #Blessed -- Love -- Afterword
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