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Grammar smart, a guide to perfect usage, the staff of The Princeton Review

Grammar smart, a guide to perfect usage, the staff of The Princeton Review
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non fiction
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Grammar smart
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the staff of The Princeton Review
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a guide to perfect usage
An updated handbook solves grammatical dilemmas with advice on how to write better sentences, avoid grammatical errors, identify word classes, and become familiar with the rules and usage of grammar
Table Of Contents
pt. 1. The names of things : Nouns ; Adjectives ; Verbs: Tense, Principal parts ; Adverbs ; Pronouns: Personal pronouns, Mirror pronouns, Relative pronouns, Question pronouns, Pointing pronouns, Indefinite pronouns ; Prepositions ; Conjunctions: Coordinating conjunctions, Correlative conjunctions, Subordinating conjunctions : Interjections ; Articles -- pt. 2. The sentence : The subject ; The predicate ; Predicate: the sequel: The direct object, The indirect object ; Phrases: Prepositional phrases, Verbals, Infinitive phrases, Gerund phrases, Participial phrases ; Clauses: Noun clauses, Adjective clauses, Adverb clauses -- pt. 3. Putting it all together : Agreement: Subject-verb agreement, Pronoun agreement ; Parallel construction ; Misplaced modifiers ; Faulty comparison ; Idioms ; Diction ; Redundancy ; Voice and mood ; Gender-neutral writing -- pt. 4. Punctuation : The period ; The question mark ; The exclamation point ; The comma ; The semicolon ; The colon ; Parentheses ; The dash ; The apostrophe ; The hyphen ; Quotation marks -- pt. 5. Commonly-asked questions and answers -- pt. 6. 7 easy ways to look bad -- pt. 7. Glossary -- pt. 8. The world series
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