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The fishing fleet, husband-hunting in the Raj, Anne de Courcy

The fishing fleet, husband-hunting in the Raj, Anne de Courcy
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non fiction
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The fishing fleet
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Anne de Courcy
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husband-hunting in the Raj
When the British went to India to trade and work, the men who left the country knew they would probably not return and married Indian wives or took Indian mistresses. As the East India Company was replaced by government, men were curtailed from doing this by various means. The Company then began to pay passage to India of a number of willing women who were maintained for a year and expected to marry within that time. For young women, unable to make a 'good match' at home, it was a chance to find a husband with prospects, women flocked to India, willing to try to make a go of it. De Courcy brings this forgotten era vividly to life
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Machine generated contents note: 1.'Champagne has been known to allay sea sickness when all else failed' -- The Voyage Out -- 2.'Happy hunting-ground of the single girl' -- The Women Who Went Out -- 3.'Kisses on the boat deck' -- Love at Sea -- 4.'A (4#(B00-a-year man -- dead or alive' -- The Men They Met -- 5.'Welcome to India' -- Arrivals -- 6.'A hell of a heat' -- The Climate -- 7.'Parties, parties, parties' -- The Social Whirl -- 8. The Viceroy's Daughter -- Elisabeth Bruce -- 9.'There are so many "Ladies"' -- Viceregal Entertainments -- 10.'I told him it was only the moonlight' -- Courtship -- 11.'It would be a pleasure to be in his harem, I thought' -- Maharajas -- 12.'Us and them' -- Brits and Indians -- 13. Thought my heart was going to jump out of my body' -- Grace Trotter -- 14.'Where every Jack has someone else's Jill' -- The Hills -- 15.'"No" would have been unthinkable' -- Engagement -- 16. Daughter of the Raj -- Bethea Field -- 17.'Colonels must marry' -- Marriage
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