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Thank you for my service, Mat Best with Ross Patterson & Nils Parker

Thank you for my service, Mat Best with Ross Patterson & Nils Parker
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Thank you for my service
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Mat Best with Ross Patterson & Nils Parker
"Mat Best may be the only man alive known for both crazy-intense military ops and crazy-funny YouTube videos. In Freedom On!, he uses the gallows humor and ribald sensibility that earned him over a million Facebook followers to tell his personal story of military service and the bumpy transition to civilian life and successful entrepreneurship. Beginning as a teenager in a military family dealing with 9/11, continuing through the intensity of four years as an Army Ranger and five years as a private military contractor, and concluding with one of the most meaningful moments in Best's life -- screening a movie he wrote, produced, and starred in for soldiers deployed overseas -- Best gives readers a fuller sense of the person they might only know from his major online and video persona. With equal amounts of heart and balls, this is the unapologetic, laugh-your-ass-off military book that vets and civilians alike have been waiting for"--, Provided by publisher
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Does anyone need a hand? -- From Green Day to green thumb -- You're in the Army, now?! -- Baby, it's cold outside, so please piss on me -- A soldier comes home -- Brehm and Barraza -- Tab on the shoulder, tats on the sleeve -- Head and shoulders above the rest -- I am the LAW -- Iraqi rave party -- Balad. James Balad. -- Snowflakes in Los Angeles? -- Party patrol -- When life gives you an ox, make oxen -- The hundred-foot war -- Hey, aren't you that dude? -- Shirts & shots & shows & service -- By veterans, for veterans
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Freedom on!
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