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Experiencing big band jazz, a listener's companion, Jeff Sultanof

Experiencing big band jazz, a listener's companion, Jeff Sultanof
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Includes bibliographical references, discographies, and index
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non fiction
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Experiencing big band jazz
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Jeff Sultanof
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The Listener's Companion
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a listener's companion
Jeff Sultanof takes a fresh look at big band jazz, examining why the big band era started when it did, how pop music and big bands evolved in response to one another, and the key roles played by well-known band leaders and the bands they led
Table Of Contents
Series editor's foreword; Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Timeline -- Some technical terms -- The earliest days, 1800s-1919 -- The first era, 1920-1930 -- Interlude, 1930-1935 -- The explosion of the swing era, 1936-1942 -- The war and the recording ban, 1942-1946 -- The singers take over the popular music scene, 1947-1949 -- Rebirth and diversity, 1950-1959 -- Toward a concert ensemble, 1960-1979 -- Limitless possibilities, 1980 and beyond -- Suggested readings and personal interviews -- Recorded sources and further listening
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