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The Brontës, a collection of critical essays, compiled by Ian Gregor

The Brontës, a collection of critical essays, compiled by Ian Gregor
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 177-179)
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non fiction
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The Brontës
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compiled by Ian Gregor
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Twentieth century views
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a collection of critical essays
Charlotte and Emily Brontë have long been the subject of critical and popular interest -- both for their lives and their works. In this volume, ten noted authors and critics probe the works of the Brontës to show the influences that shaped the mystical worlds of their novels and poems and contributed to their distinctive styles. Their novels are not rebellions against Victorian social standards, but rather are Charlotte and Emily's way of transmuting Victorian ideals into symbolic form. In studying such aspects of the Brontë's literature as imagery, ideas of love, and Gothic style, other contributors show "how most interpretations invariably return to the question of Charlotte and Emily's personal involvement in their novels." -- From publisher's description
Table Of Contents
Introduction, by I. Gregor. -- The structure of Wuthering Heights, by C.P. Sanger. -- The Brontës: a centennial observance, by R. Chase. -- The image of the book in Wuthering Heights, by R.C. McKibben. -- Charlotte Brontë as a critic of Wuthering Heights, by P. Drew. -- Control of sympathy in Wuthering Heights, by J. Hagan. -- The place of love in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, by M. Kinkead-Weekes. -- Charlotte Brontë's "new" Gothic, by R.B. Heilman. -- Fire and Eyre: Charlotte Brontë's war of earthly elements, by D. Lodge. -- Charlotte Brontë, the imagination, and Villette, by A.D. Hook. -- The other Emily, by D. Donoghue. -- Selected bibliography (p. 177-179)
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