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One foot in the grave, BBC-TV ; produced and directed by Susan Belbin, Season 1

One foot in the grave, BBC-TV ; produced and directed by Susan Belbin, Season 1
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Rating: Not rated
Main title
One foot in the grave
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Originally broadcast on television on the BBC in 1990
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BBC-TV ; produced and directed by Susan Belbin
"Forced into taking early retirement, Victor Meldrew optimistically tries to adjust to years of leisure with his wife Margaret. If only events, coincidences, misunderstandings, bureaucratic inefficiencies and sheer bad luck didn't conspire against him."--Container
Table Of Contents
Alive and buried (At least Victor will be free to sort out the car, do the shopping, compile The observer's book of crap on your front lawn-- ) -- The big sleep (Noisy neighbours, an outbreak of Jehovah's Witnesses in the area-- Victor needs to do something positive. Like exercise classes for the elderly?) -- The valley of fear (Victor calls a residents' meeting after an encounter with soccer hooligans. He arms himself with a starting pistol and Mrs. Warboys follows suite, with a hand grenade.) -- I'll retire to bedlam (Victor's been trapped in his garden shed by "killer" bees, stuck in the optician's all day with his eyes shut-- now for the greatest horror: babysitting Iris's children.) -- The eternal quadrangle (Margaret's suspicions that Victor is having an affair with the nude model from his art class seem to be confirmed when she finds an "empty packet" in his coat pocket.) -- The return of the speckled band (Victor's already dreading the holiday flight to Athens, but first he must deal with Mrs. Warboys' food poisoning, the electric meter reading debacle-- and an escaped snake.)
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