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The Wicker King, K. Ancrum

The Wicker King, K. Ancrum
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HL620L, LexileStructure indicator: 90 (high), Syntactic indicator: 90 (high), Semantic indicator: 100 (high), Decoding indicator: 100 (high), Lexile
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The Wicker King
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K. Ancrum
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Wicker King, 2
Best friends August and Jack struggle to cope as one spirals into madnessAugust and Jack have never lived in the same world. August is a misfit with a pyro streak and Jack is a golden boy on the varisty rugby team - but their intense friendship goes way back. It's something they keep for themselves, and they rely on each other for survival. When Jack begins to see increasingly vivid hallucinations, August decides to help Jack the only way he knows how - by believing him, and believing in the fantasy kingdom that creeps into the edges of the real world. Jack leads August on a quest to fulfill a dark prophecy, and together they alienate everyone around them as they struggle with their sanity, free-falling into a surreal fantasy world that feels made for them. In the end, each one must choose his own truth. Written with vivid intensity, The Wicker King explores a relationship fraught with tension, madness, and love. -- from dust jacket
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