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Shock and awe, glam rock and its legacy from the seventies to the twenty-first century, Simon Reynolds

Shock and awe, glam rock and its legacy from the seventies to the twenty-first century, Simon Reynolds
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non fiction
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Shock and awe
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Simon Reynolds
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glam rock and its legacy from the seventies to the twenty-first century
"[The] cultural history of glam and glitter rock, celebrating its outlandish fashion and outrageous stars, including David Bowie and Alice Cooper, and tracking its vibrant legacy in contemporary pop. Spearheaded by David Bowie, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, and Roxy Music, glam rock reveled in artifice and spectacle. Reacting against the hairy, denim-clad rock bands of the late Sixties, glam was the first true teenage rampage of the new decade. In [this book], Simon Reynolds takes you on a wild cultural tour through the early Seventies, a period packed with glitzy costumes and alien make-up, thrilling music and larger-than-life personas. [This book] offers a fresh, in-depth look at the glam and glitter phenomenon, placing it the wider Seventies context of social upheaval and political disillusion. It explores how artists like Lou Reed, New York Dolls, and Queen broke with the hippie generation, celebrating illusion and artifice over truth and authenticity. Probing the genre's major themes-- stardom, androgyny, image, decadence, fandom, apocalypse-- Reynolds tracks glam's legacy as it unfolded in subsequent decades, from Eighties art-pop icons like Kate Bush through to twenty-first century idols of outrage such as Lady Gaga. [This book] shows how the original glam artists' obsessions with fame, extreme fashion, and theatrical excess continue to reverberate through contemporary pop culture"--Amazon.com
Table Of Contents
Boogie poet: Marc Bolan and T. Rex. John's Children ; Tyrannosaurus Rex ; T. Rex -- The London boy: Bowie's early years. David Bowie ; Anthony Newley ; Lindsay Kemp ; Oscar Wilde -- Elected: Alice Cooper and shock rock. Alice Cooper -- Teenage rampage: glitter stomp and disco rock. Slade ; The Sweet ; Mud ; Suzi Quatro ; Gary Glitter ; Junkshop glam ; Hello -- Hard to be real: David Bowie and friends conquer the world. David Bowie ; Lou Reed ; Mott the Hoople ; Iggy and the Stooges ; Jobriath -- What's the date again? The future-retro visions of Roxy Music. Roxy Music ; David Bowie's Pinups ; Bryan Ferry -- Trash city: New York Dolls and Wayne County. Wayne County ; Theatre of the Ridiculous ; The Cockettes ; John Waters and Divine ; Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey ; New York Dolls -- Let's do the time warp again: fifties flashbacks and rock'n'roll replays. Rock dreams ; Wizzard ; The Moodies ; David Essex ; Rock follies ; The Rocky Horror picture show -- Baroque 'n' roll: late glam. Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel ; Sparks ; Jet ; Queen ; Be-Bop Deluxe -- Run to the shadows: Bowie versus Los Angeles. David Bowie ; The English disco ; Silverhead ; Zolar X ; Les Petites Bonbons ; The man who fell to earth -- Ultraviolence: punk before punk. Heavy Metal Kids ; The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ; The Tubes ; The Runaways ; Doctors of Madness ; Ultravox -- Just another hero: Bowie's Berlin. David Bowie ; Iggy Pop ; Kraftwerk ; Brian Eno -- Aftershocks: a partial inventory of glam rock echoes and reflections starring. Johnny Rotten ; Poly Styrene ; Siouxsie Sioux ; Kate Bush ; Japan ; Grace Jones ; Klaus Nomi ; Steve Strange ; Adam Ant ; Bauhaus ; Prince ; Bryan Ferry ; Morrissey ; Leigh Bowery ; Hair metal ; Madonna ; Suede ; Marilyn Manson ; Electroclash ; Lady Gaga ; Kanye West ; Ke$ha ; Beyoncé ; Drake ; Nicky Minaj ; Sia ; and David Bowie
Shock & awe, glam rock & its legacy from the 70s to the 21st century
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