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Talking guitar, conversations with musicians who shaped twentieth-century American music, Jas Obrecht

Talking guitar, conversations with musicians who shaped twentieth-century American music, Jas Obrecht
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Talking guitar
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Jas Obrecht
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conversations with musicians who shaped twentieth-century American music
In this lively collection of interviews, storied music writer Jas Obrecht presents a celebration of the world's most popular instrument as seen through the words, lives, and artistry of some of its most beloved players. Readers will read--and hear--accounts of the first guitarists on record, pioneering bluesmen, gospel greats, jazz innovators, country pickers, rocking rebels, psychedelic shape-shifters, singer-songwriters, and other movers and shakers. In their own words, these guitar players reveal how they found their inspirations, mastered their instruments, crafted classic songs, and created enduring solos. Also included is a CD of never-before-heard moments from Obrecht's insightful interviews with these guitar greats. Highlights include Nick Lucas's recollections of waxing the first noteworthy guitar records; Ry Cooder's exploration of prewar blues musicians; Carole Kaye and Ricky Nelson on the early years of rock and roll; Stevie Ray Vaughan on Jimi Hendrix; Gregg Allman on his brother, Duane Allman; Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson, and Pops Staples on spirituality in music; Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, and Tom Petty on songwriting and creativity; and early interviews with Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Ben Harper [Publisher description]
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Guitarchaeology : setting the stage -- Nick Lucas : America's first guitar hero -- Ry Cooder : prewar country blues -- Barney Kessel : the rise of Charlie Christian -- Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown : "American music, Texas-style" -- Roebuck "Pops" Staples : gospel guitar -- Ricky Nelson : remembering rockabilly -- Carol Kaye : the first lady of rock -- Stevie Ray Vaughan : on Jimi Hendrix -- James Gurley : "the Yuri Gagarin of psychedelic guitar" -- Jerry Garcia : "it's the next note, not the last one" -- Johnny Winter : sliding the blues -- Gregg Allman : "my brother Duane" -- Carlos Santana : "put wings on people's hearts" -- Neil Young : the power of one note -- Eddie Van Halen : "my first interview" -- Tom Petty : songwriting and the art of rhythm guitar -- Eric Johnson : the journey inward -- Joe Satriani : the resurgence of instrumental rock -- Ben Harper : "the strongest spirit in all creation."
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