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In wartime, stories from Ukraine, Tim Judah

In wartime, stories from Ukraine, Tim Judah
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non fiction
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In wartime
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Tim Judah
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stories from Ukraine
"From one of the finest journalists of our time comes a definitive, boots-on-the-ground dispatch from the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine. Ever since Ukraine's violent 2014 revolution, followed by Russia's annexation of Crimea, the country has been at war. Misinformation reigns, more than two million people have been displaced, and Ukrainians fight one another on a second front--the crucial war against corruption. With In Wartime, Tim Judah lays bare the events that have turned neighbors against one another and mired Europe's second-largest country in a conflict seemingly without end. In Lviv, Ukraine's western cultural capital, mothers tend the graves of sons killed on the other side of the country. On the Maidan, the square where the protests that deposed President Yanukovych began, pamphleteers, recruiters, buskers, and mascots compete for attention. In Donetsk, civilians who cheered Russia's President Putin find their hopes crushed as they realize they have been trapped in the twilight zone of a frozen conflict. Judah talks to everyone from politicians to poets, pensioners, and historians. Listening to their clashing explanations, he interweaves their stories to create a sweeping, tragic portrait of a country fighting a war of independence from Russia--twenty-five years after the collapse of the USSR"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Dying for Ukraine -- Just Angry -- Next Year in Donetsk -- l -- Weaponising History -- Thumbelina in Donetsk -- Our History is Different! -- How can this be? -- Pickling and Planting to Victory -- Chernobyl : End and Beginning -- ll -- Lemberg to Lviv -- Ruthenes and Little Russians -- Nikita at the Opera -- Stalin's Chicken -- The History Prison -- The Shtreimel of Lviv -- The Scottish Book of Maths and all that -- Tourists and the Tower of Death -- lll -- The Bessarabian Ticket -- Winds of Change -- Bones of Contention -- Jumping Ship -- A Patriot of this Land -- Conchita Wurst and the Old Idiots -- The Deep Hole -- Kilometre Zero -- IV -- The Coal Launderers -- The Welsh and the Wild East -- The View from the Terricone -- Getting to Yes -- Empire and Virility -- Crimea : Because He Could -- V -- First Blood -- Tsar v. Cossacks -- The Wolf's Hook Club -- From Amazonia to New Russia -- Leaving Home -- Surviving Sloviansk -- Towns at War -- The War Poets -- VI -- Defining Optimism -- Askania-Nova and the Zebra of Death -- A Hundred Years of Crap -- Not Dead Yet
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