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Die hard legacy collection, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Die hard legacy collection, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
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MPAA rating: R; Live free or die hard MPAA rating: PG-13
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Die hard legacy collection
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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Die hard: New York City detective John McClane is in Los Angeles to spend the holidays with his estranged wife Holly. While McClane waits for Holly's office party to end, terrorists take control of the building. As their sinister leader, Hans Gruber, and his savage henchman round up hostages, McClane gets ready to blast a few rounds of his own and launch a one-man warDie hard 2: John McClane is off-duty on Christmas Eve in the nation's capital when a team of terrorists, in town to rescue a drug lord from justice, has taken over a major international airport, holding thousands of travelers hostage. Amidst a blinding blizzard, McClane must race against time to defeat the terrorists and their murderous leader while also contending with an inept airport police chief, the stubborn head of the Army's anti-terrorist squad, and the knowledge that his wife is trapped in a plane desperately low on fuel, circling overheadDie hard with a vengeance: New York cop John McClane is the personal target of the mysterious Simon, a terrorist determined to blow up the entire city if he doesn't get what he wants. Accompanied by an unwilling civilian, McClane careens wildly from one end of town to the other as he struggles to keep up with Simon's deadly gameLive free or die hard: New York City detective John McClane delivers old-school justice to a new breed of techno-terrorists when a massive attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country over Independence Day weekendA good day to die hard: McClane travels to Russia to help his estranged son and finds himself in the crossfire of a nuclear weapons heist
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